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Finalist Teams


Project Title : We Care

Abstract : The objective of this Project is to assist the visually impaired (Blindness) to move more safely and independently by promoting a more complete and more social way of life.


Project Title : Glucomètre non Invasif

Abstract : The project aims to measure blood glucose levels from exhaled gases in the breath. It is based on the detection of volatile organic gases in the human breath by semi-conductor sensors and exploit them to calculate the blood glucose and the insulin correction dose through an algorithm implemented in the Arduino Mega board.

Code Blue

Project Title : Always by Your Side

Abstract : Our system "Always by Your Side" is used to monitor the physical condition of patients suffering from fainting. It assures their help to overcome more easily, while providing them with a safer and healthier environment and protecting them from mental confusion.

With this project, we will try to help people who suffer from this common medical condition get through it more easily in order to prevent the mental confusion and to provide the patient with a safer and a healthier environment where he can be surrounded by loved ones.


Project Title : New-Feet

Abstract : The visually impaired are faced with several problems such as the dependencies of moving from one destination to another. Our "New Feet" system is a smart scooter, which aims to facilitate the lifestyle of the visually impaired patient while ensuring his independence by moving him to his chosen destination.

Our scooter is connected to the Google Maps server, and vocally controlled by the patient to ensure his movement and total autonomy and safety ; the patient does not have to type the destination on the tablet , just he pronounce it.


Project Title : Medinet

Abstract : Technology has utterly changed the medical field. Consumers now expect to have unlimited access to their health information at their fingertips.Besides, by sharing their side of the information health professionals tend to offer a better understanding of the patient´s needs.This fact inspired us the idea to connect the doctor, the patient and the pharmacist together in one shared data base that will be shaped into a mobile and web applications.By creating this bond we aim to build a safeguard to check possible interactions, allergies, proper medication selection /dosage, legibility of prescription orders, and proper dispensing and administration.In addition to this the patient will have a simplified medical education by teaching him the proper ways to take his medicine,making alerts whenever the time has come to take it …and most of all rewarding him once he reaches the required level. On the other hand we intend to also motivate the health professionals by creating a special relationship based on a ranking strategy,and by offering a decision making assistant we look to gain both time and money for the doctor and the pharmacist.


Project Title : Hear+

Abstract : The initial problem is the poor understanding of people with hearing handicap.They can not communicate their ideas and needs.Our problematic resumes in finding a way to facilitate the communication between deaf people and non-deaf people.

The purpose of our project is to enable people with hearing problems to attend and participate in a group discussion by translating voice messages into sign language and vice versa.Technologies used: Artificial intelligence and data science.